Aussies gain access to thousands of international online stores

Australian consumers are now able to buy from up to 300,000 international stores that were previously inaccessible following the launch of a new shopping site by PayPal.

The payment processing giant has set up, which provides a different payment system for sites that only accept US credit cards, the Daily Telegraph reported.

It means that products from hugely popular brands like J Crew, Abercrombie and Fitch, Urban Outfitters, Macy's, Bloomingdales and Saks Fifth Avenue will now be available to Aussie shoppers, with shipping rates starting from $24 for the first kilogram.

PayPal spokesman Adrian Christie said: "The key benefit of this site is that it unlocks so many of the boundaries that previously stopped Australian consumers from shopping at some sites overseas."

The news may interest shoppers looking to compare credit cards in search of the best interest rates. Mr Christie warned that while customers will be protected by the usual PayPal consumer guarantees in the event of non-delivery of goods, shoppers should be aware that overseas websites may not provide warranties to other countries.

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