Aussies told to return 'free money'

Aussies who rejoiced at an ATM dispensing "free money" in Sydney have been dealt a blow by the police.

Those who thought their cash worries were over could be tempted to compare credit cards online after being ordered to return any cash.

The Daily Telegraph has reported that after spitting out money, the Commonwealth Bank ATM has been placed under guard.

Furthermore, the police have warned that those who took money from the machine have committed a fraud.

The machines in question were allowing people to withdraw much more money that they actually had in their accounts, which prompted something of a frenzy.

Police have now warned that anyone caught withdrawing more than they owned will be traced and could face up to ten years jail for fraud.

Col Dyson, from the New South Wales fraud squad, told the newspaper:"It's the first I've heard of something like this happening on such a scale.

"If these people know they're not entitled to the money then certainly they are committing an offence."

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