Aussies warned of 'nasty' tax scam

Aussies looking to boost their funds by comparing credit cards could be among those to heed a recent warning by the Australian Tax Office (ATO).

The organisation has warned people living in Redland Bay near Brisbane that a round of fake emails are being circulated claiming to offer refunds, the Bayside Bulletin reported.

Tax Commissioner Michael D'Ascenzo explained that the scam sees emails sent out which include a virus and an attachment which urged people to provide their personal and credit or debit card details in order for the ATO to process a tax refund.

Mr D'Ascenzo told the news provider: "The ATO never sends emails asking people to provide their personal information or credit card details.

"Any email requesting personal and credit or debit card details before a refund can be released is a hoax."

Aussies who would welcome a tax refund should steer clear of the scam and could be better served comparing credit cards in order to see which online deals could best boost their spending power.

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