Australians increasingly at risk to cyber crime.

Australian's are amongst the heaviest internet users in the world, making them more susceptible to virtual dangers like credit card fraud, according the Centre for internet Safety of the University Canberra.

The report 'Taming the Cookie Monster, How Companies Track us Online' calls for greater privacy protection for Australians and recommends laws that gives users the choice of what personal data is collected online, what it can be used for and make personal data records available to users if requested.

Every Australian who uses the internet is at risk of having their personal details tracked by unwanted companies, says Alastair MacGibbon, a former cybercrime expert with the Australian Federal Police. Even Google, Apple and of course Facebook make billions of dollars each year selling users information to companies.

The International Business Times has warned that user information such as credit card details can be lost or stolen by hackers and online stalkers, posing a serious threat to Aussie internet users. While federal Attorney-General Nicola Roxon has pointed out that companies should be liable to notify users when their personal information has been breached or leaked in an unauthorised disclosure. The International Business Times has also marked ways that users can protect their information. It recommends erasing cookies, incognito browsing, using a secure anti virus and avoiding notoriously risky sites and downloads.

While it is possible to take precautions against making private information available on the internet, online shoppers should also carefully consider the fraud protection provided by their credit card when making online purchases.

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