Blackberry users to pay for apps with credit cards

Blackberry customers in Australia can now use their credit cards to purchase apps thanks to a recent update to Blackberry App World.

The official online application store for Blackberry customers recently announced a range of upgrades that will benefit its Australian customers.

Included in the upgrades are two new payment methods. Customers can now pay for apps using their credit cards or by setting up or using an existing PayPal account.

"BlackBerry App World provides BlackBerry smartphone customers with an intuitive, integrated service for discovering, downloading, recommending and managing mobile applications for personal or business use," the firm explained.

"New features in BlackBerry App World, which is available for download today, include two additional pricing tiers, PayPal and credit card payment options."

Customers in Australia and New Zealand have been urged to download the upgraded version of App World directly to their phones in order to benefit from the new payment options.