Call on cash accounts to avoid debt misery

One Aussie who is struggling with debt has been advised to use her bank account to pay off all her bills and put her credit cards out of sight.’s Money Mum Justine Davies has urged one reader to avoid the temptation to pay for all expenditure using the credit card and instead look to limit outgoings by handling payments using cash accounts.

The next step towards a debt-free life is to plan a strict budget, Ms Davies insists.

“Do a written budget, so that you know what your actual living expenses are. Having a month-by-month budget will also help you to work out when big expenses are coming up,” she advises.

After that, she advised that shopping around for cheap credit cards and reading the small print carefully can help to reduce the long-term debt burden considerably and get finances back on the straight and narrow.

In other recent entries, the Money Mum has also advised Aussies to be on the lookout for credit card and bank account fraud after a record number of people were found to have fallen victim to internet scams.ADNFCR-1761-ID-18994651-ADNFCR