Chocolate lovers beware the 424% Christmas novelty treat markup


If you’ve got a chocolate-lover in your life, you might have been eyeing off the chocolate baubles, boots and santas filling grocery store shelves this month.

But while we hate to be the Christmas grinch, Mozo has done some research into these festive treats and found that markups as high as 424% are being applied to silly season chocolates.

Lindt was the worst offender, with its Santa Boot priced at more than four times the cost of a regular block of Lindt chocolate per 100 grams, and it’s Chocolate Balls Gift Box marked up by 169%.

“Christmas treats often come with extras - for example, the Lindt Santa Boot includes a flocked boot with pom poms and a fur trim - which could explain the markup. The question is, do you really want to pay extra for these novelties?” said Mozo Director Kirsty Lamont.

“I know that in my house, things like that are quickly forgotten and just become clutter that I later have to throw out.”

The Christmas Chocolate Naughty List


The good news for those with a sweet tooth, is that there were also some treats that didn’t come with a skyhigh markup - and in fact, some Christmas novelties will even cost Aussies less than a normal chocolate this year.

“There are a number of options that get into the Christmas spirit, with barely any markup at all. Cadbury Favourites Star Tin actually even comes out slightly cheaper than a regular block of Dairy Milk,” said Lamont.

“So by choosing your festive treat wisely, it is possible to join in on the fun without breaking the bank.”

The Christmas Chocolate Nice List


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