Credit card customers warned of Christmas scams

Credit card users in Australia have been urged to be wary of a spate of online scams this festive period.

In an interview with SmartCompany, Sean Duca, McAfee sales and engineering manager for Australia and New Zealand, has warned people to be on the lookout for schemes offering "free iPads" as well as fake charities.

The expert said cybercriminals are increasing their efforts to obtain peoples' credit card details and other personal information as more people head online for shopping in the build up to Christmas.

"They are definitely sending out heaps of stuff so they can fall into traps," he told the news provider.

"A lot of the standard things we've been telling people to do are just make sure they have anti virus systems in place and upgrading security systems."

Explaining the iPad scam, McAfee said that users are asked to purchase other products on a site and then provide their credit card number to get a free iPad.

However, the iPad and other purchases are never delivered and the credit card details are then used for a spending spree.

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