Credit card debt the focus for church initiative

Churches across Australia are preparing for a scheme aimed at tackling the country's growing personal finance problems.

Concerned by the rise in credit card debt in the post-Christmas period, over 100 member churches of the charity Christians Against Poverty (CAP) are due to deliver the debt prevention course CAP Money in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Queensland from this month, Christian Today – Australia reported.

According to the news source, participating churches have been receiving training ahead of the free, three-session course which will aim to help people looking to compare credit cards and other money products "to see their own situation clearly".

National director Ross Buttenshaw commented: "We see what it is like for people when they hit rock bottom, lose their home and are unable to feed their children. Yet 'buy now and pay later' is a message we hear at every turn.

"This is why we began this preventative course three years ago and we're delighted to see it being used to debt-proof people in this age of austerity and maybe even put the joy back into dealing with our money."

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