Credit card holders urged to be wary of identity fraudsters

Aussies who use their credit cards to buy items online have been told to be wary of identity fraudsters.

Christine Christian of Dun & Bradstreet told News Limited that the growing use of ecommerce websites has increased the number of identity theft cases across Australia.

She suggested that criminals can use very basic information – such as details that are entered into social networking sites – to set up bank accounts and take out loans under the guise of an unsuspecting person.

Ms Christian added that Aussies should keep a close eye on their bank statements on a regular basis to ensure nothing untoward is happening.

"Unusual credit card or banking activity is usually the first sign of fraud, which is why it is vital to monitor all active accounts on a regular basis," she was quoted as saying.

The Bankwest Cash Report for January 2012 recently indicated that Aussies are becoming increasingly reliant on credit and debit cards, as the number of people using plastic to pay for goods grew by eight per cent between November 2010 and the same month last year.

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