Credit card scammers strike in Cairns

Credit card scammers are living the high life in Cairns by paying for private helicopter rides, skydiving adventures and boutique holidays with other people's cash, it has been reported.

According to, police have caught one member of a fraud outfit but believe three more members of the gang are still in Cairns and spending money with stolen credit cards.

It was reported that the cons have already cost local businesses thousands of dollars in unpaid bills.

The website revealed that the scammers are posing as tourists and using details from multiple stolen credit cards to pay for services and accommodation over the phone.

"Although it is uncommon for businesses to take credit card payments without seeing the card, the frauds use excuses about lost cards and missing luggage to get around such policies," said

"When the transactions are reported by the cardholder, the money is paid back and the local business is left to pick up the tab."

The news is sure to interest consumers looking to compare credit cards in search of the best security options. Police are currently urging tourism operators in Cairns to be vigilant when processing credit card transactions, especially over the phone.

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