Credit card users in Australia 'pay more for gadgets'

Aussies who love to go out on a spending spree with their credit cards to purchase the latest gadgets may be spending up to 50 per cent more than their US counterparts.

Australian Retailers Association executive director Russell Zimmerman told the Australian that one of the reasons for this is that vendors in the country have the second highest tenancy costs in the world.

"You have to ask what's the retailer paying his supplier for his goods in relation to what the retailer in the US pays his supplier," he added.

Among the discrepancies in pricing identified by the publication were that of the Lenovo X1 computer, which can be purchased for US$1,191 ($1,130) from the US parent site, but will set Aussies back $1,979.

Apple was also found to have placed significantly higher mark ups on its products, with the iPad 2 selling for between $80 and $120 more for those using their credit or debit cards in Australian outlets.

Last month, Canon's Digital Lifestyle Index showed that Aussies spent $6.8 billion on gadgets during 2008.

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