Credit cards 'can be useful when starting a business'

Going online to compare credit cards might be an effective way to fund a start-up business, it has been suggested.

Writing for StartupSmart, internet entrepreneur Fred Schebasta noted that plastic can provide an easy way to purchase tools and equipment in the early days of a new company.

He suggested looking for zero per cent purchase offers, which can be particularly useful for buying basic essentials such as computers or printers.

The expert noted that going online to compare credit cards is a worthwhile step to take and recommended looking at a variety of different banks before making a decision.

Commenting on how to manage cards, he suggested treating credit cards as a short-term solution and advised those who get plastic to pay it off sooner rather than later.

This comes after YourMortgage advised Aussies to compare credit cards to help minimise the amount of interest they pay for.

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