Don't share birth date on social media sites warns Visa

According to a new survey by Visa, the one-third of Australians who share their birth date on social media sites are putting themselves at risk of fraud.

Ian McKindley Director of Country Risk Management for Visa Australia and New Zealand says birthdates are regularly shared across social media and can be easily misused if they fall into the hands of fraudsters.

"Today's cyber criminals can view social networking sites as rich and valuable sources of personal data. They use crafty schemes to loot your private information, and piece by piece they gather enough data to raid your identity and online accounts," he said.

To help minimise risk on social networking sites and help prevent credit card fraud, Visa has launched a new website and offers these tips to consumers:

1. Get familiar with privacy and security settings.

2. Don't give away your birth date or common security questions such as your mother's maiden name, high school or pet name.

3. Post vacation photos after you return home.

4. Don't use the same password for every site you visit, your passwords should be unique and difficult to guess.

5. Beware of friending people online you don't know in real life.