Financial counsellors 'achieve amazing results' on credit card debt

Financial counselling can be a valuable tool for dealing with severe credit card debt, it has been argued.

Justine Davies, a finance author with a decade of financial-planning experience, suggested that when a family member gets into debt problems, it may be better to "outsource" the matter rather than simply jumping in to bail the person out.

"Family relationships especially between siblings are fraught enough without adding money into the mix," she said in a piece for National Features, hosted on

Indeed, Ms Davies noted that obtaining a free copy of a credit file, doing research about the full ramifications of personal debt and consulting counsellors are all ways people can deal with their money troubles while still having the emotional support of family members.

Consumers concerned by their financial position can also choose to compare credit cards and other money products in search of better options. Last week, in an interview with the Bundaberg NewsMail, Bundaberg St Vincent de Paul regional president Angela Vicenzotti urged consumers to think carefully about their Christmas spending this year by avoiding the pitfalls of the inevitable festive hype.

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