Mass uprising against Jetstar credit card surcharges.

Just weeks after the ban on excessive credit card surcharges, 35,000 Australians have signed a petition calling for an end to Jetstar's $8.50 credit card surcharge, the largest consumer petition ever for according their official media release.

Outlandish credit card surcharges were officially banned on the 18 March in Australia, with a new rule that retailers are no longer allowed to charge consumers excessive surcharge amounts for making purchases on their credit cards. And it was reported just this week on the looming showdown between retailers, who are taking the new rules as a meaningless threat, against credit card merchants and the RBA who are keen to play consumer advocate. It now seems the battlegrounds have been drawn with the petition calling for action to be taken against Jetstar for allegedly breaching the new rules.

The petition was started by Gold Coast businessman Klaus Bartosch, a regular traveller with Jetstar, who says Jetstar are ignoring the petition. 

"It's left me no alternative but to approach Visa and MasterCard and ask them to enforce their new powers vested in them by the Reserve Bank of Australia," said Mr Bartosch. "There could not be a clearer test of their resolve to get serious about excessive credit card surcharges. If they don't act, it will reflect badly on Visa and MasterCard and demonstrate that the so-called credit card reforms are actually toothless," he said.

Mr Bartosch also claims that this is a serious issue for all Australians in that it reflects a trend towards possible mass adoption by retailers and an increased cost of living for all Australians.

A Jetstar spokesman has commented that, "While Jetstar doesn't have a credit card surcharge, we are aware of the new RBA standard applying to card schemes."

The Herald Sun this week reported that there are a number of retailers in Australia who are choosing to ignore the new credit card surcharge rules. According to Reg Kermode, founder of Cabcharge, a company that allegedly charges consumers as much as 10 percent in credit card surcharges, they do not believe the RBA will be able to enforce the new credit card surcharge rules.

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