More Aussies shop online on the way to work, says American Express

New research by American Express has found that 21% of Aussies are shopping regularly during the daily commute to and from work.

The release of the AMEX Pattern Spending Report revealed some interesting findings into the shopping motivations and habits of the average Aussie, including increasing patterns in online shopping.

For instance, Aussies now spend 20% of their income online and 22% were categorised as “cyber-spenders”; meaning the majority of their disposable income is spent online.

Overall, AMEX reported that Aussies are habitual in their spending patterns, with the majority spending 60% of their disposable income in 10 or fewer different stores on a regular basis. Similar findings were found in online shopping patterns.  

The most popular time to shop was found to be Saturday afternoon, when 36% of disposable income was spent, followed by Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon.

AMEX reported that most Aussies aged between 18-64 years fit into a particular pattern spending type including the sale-seekers, passionists (most of their disposable income is spent on a single interest or hobby), localists (who always shop in the same place) and cyber-spenders.

Clothes, shoes and accessories were found to take up the bulk of our disposable income, followed by food and wine, entertainment and events and lastly, electronic goods, travel, and children-related things.