No more credit cards for ministers

Public servants have been banned from charging expenses on to government credit cards after one minister was found to have adopted some wild spending habits at the taxpayer’s expense.

An advanced review of a probe into his expenses obtained by the Daily Telegraph revealed that he had paid for expensive meals, posh home furniture and even private helicopter flights using credit cards handed out for emergency expenses.

The minister had tried to cover his tracks by ordering lower-level staff to pay to pick up the tab on his spending splurges using their government credit cards, the report also found.

"Ministerial and parliamentary services should be requested to review the practice of agencies issuing DLOs with credit cards, with a view to ceasing the practice," the probe concluded.

However, it advised against taking further action against Mr Macdonald for his credit card spending spree.

Earlier this month, figures from the Reserve Bank of Australia showed that, rather than splashing out excessively on cheap credit cards in the December rush before Christmas, ordinary Aussies made record repayments on their credit cards.ADNFCR-1761-ID-19058216-ADNFCR