NSW community suffers in credit card skimming scam

The importance of taking care of credit cards has been highlighted by a card skimming scam in Bellingen that saw a number of residents lose thousands of dollars.

It is thought that at least one business in the New South Wales (NSW) community was involved in the crime, which resulted in some individuals having more than $10,000 taken from them, reports the Bellingen Shire Courier-Sun.

The incident comes after RSA Security fraud specialist Mason Hooper told National Features that skimming a credit card and stealing credentials is easier than stealing a wallet.

Among those who had money stolen in Bellingen were Bananacoast Credit Union (BCU) customers who used an EFTPoS machine believed to have had a skimming device installed.

Lyndon Kingston, chief executive of BCU, commented: "We initiated immediate action to alleviate any risk to our members' finances as our members' trust in the security of our systems is paramount."

Those hoping to avoid skimming may want to compare credit cards with PIN numbers so they do not have to swipe their plastic.

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