One in five Aussies 'will pay more for faster mobile internet'

More than one in five Australians are willing to pay more for faster mobile internet services, according to Roy Morgan Research.

We are increasingly becoming a wireless society and people are using their handsets to perform all kinds of tasks.

Online retailing has really taken off in recent years and Aussies are increasingly using their credit cards to purchase items while on the move. However, slow broadband speeds can often make this a frustrating endeavour.

The new study showed that 22 per cent of people would be willing to shell out extra money in return for better internet connections.

Roy Morgan Research's industry director of mobile, internet and technology Andrew Braun believes this figure will increase as people continue to purchase new technology.

"One could imagine that more people will be willing to pay more for increased speed as they adopt smartphones and tablets and do more mobile internet activities on them," he remarked.

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