Online shoppers warned of hidden charges

Consumers looking to compare credit cards before shopping online for Christmas presents could be among those to benefit from a recent warning from one expert.

While online shopping is often cheaper, Pay Pal has warned that there can be hidden costs and "traps", reported.

According to the organisation, getting a long-distance refund or warrant claim can prove "virtually impossible".

The comments come as a number of Australians are looking to make purchases from overseas websites in order to take advantage of the strong local currency.

Adrian Christie, a spokesman for PayPal Australia, told the news provider that there has been a 74 per cent increase in overseas online shopping this year, a trend which can largely be attributed to the strength of the Australian dollar.

Although discounts can be up to 50 per cent, the experts warned that consumers should double check conversion rates on the site and calculate shipping costs before finalising a purchase.

"We [also] suggest doing a quick check online to see whether people have had bad experiences with a retailer," he added.

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