Parent reports child for credit card fraud.

Just weeks after reports of a 5 year old accidentally racking up a $2,556 bill on his parents credit card through buying game add-ons on their ipad, news has broken of another almost identical story, however this time with a slightly more serious twist.

While Apple agreed to drop the charges in the case of Danny Kitchen purchasing weapons while playing Zombies vs. Ninjas, unaware he was paying for the items on his parents credit card. In the most recent case of Cameron Crossan's multiple $110 dollar purchases for game add-ons, totalling $3570 on his father's credit card, Apple have refused to refund the fee, according to NineMSN.

"Iam sure Cameron had no intention to do it but I had to have a crime reference number if there was any chance of getting any credit card payments refunded," said Mr Crossan

Mr Crossan had entered his credit card details into his itunes to purchase music and was not required to authorise any further purchases afterwards, leaving Cameron oblivious to the fact that he was being charged for his his add-ons.

Requiring a crime reference number has left Mr Crossan with no choice but to report his son for credit card fraud.

"Morally I just don't understand where Apple gets off charging for a child's game," he said.

The cases highlight the need for parents to be more aware of their children's activity online as well as to be informed on their credit cards fraud protection guidelines and claims process. 

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