St.George launches third generation iPad app

St.George bank has launched its third generation iPad application, with new features such as a budget planner and credit card finder.

St.George was one of the first banks to offer an iPad app back in 2009, since then it has had over 100,000 downloads. The new version includes features such as a budget planner, goal simulator and even provides tips for reaching your budgeting targets.

The app also comes with a new credit card selector tool, that helps people to choose from St.George credit cards that best suit their individual needs, and makes it possible for the user to apply for the card they find.

In addition to the personal banking features, the new app also incorporates business banking for St.George business customers to view their banking on the go. And there's even Twitter integration for customers to direct message the bank.

Dhiren Kulkarni CIO of innovation for St.George Banking Group said "We know people's banking habits are changing and with the introduction of the iPad in recent years, we know banking is something they do while they're doing other things."

However, tools such as online credit card calculators and budget planners are not new to the Australian market and web users are encouraged to assess the market when selecting a credit card to insure they find the best possible option for their personal finances.

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