Sydney women spend most on their appearance

Sydney women spend more on their appearance than other Australian women, new research has found.

A survey by Nutrimetics revealed that the average woman in New South Wales spends about $78 on beauty each month – nearly $10 more than the national average, mX reported.

Women in South Australia spent the least at $49.96 per month.

The survey of more than 1,800 women also found that Victorian women spend an average of $67.87 a month on their appearance while Queenslanders spend $64.58.

Meanwhile, the study revealed that members of Generation Y spend about 30 per cent more on beauty products than Baby Boomers despite earning about 30 to 40 per cent less.

Consumers aiming to boost their spending power and get the best deals could choose to compare credit cards in search of better offers. Commenting on the survey findings, social researcher Mark McCrindle suggested that Sydney women tend to be more urbane and have more money to spend.

"In the regional areas they have a broader view of beauty – they're more likely to say that beauty is skin deep," he told mX.

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