Vigilance the key to fighting credit card fraud, says expert

Australians must be pro-active and vigilant if they wish to prevent fraudsters from stealing their bank and credit card details, an expert has said.

Lloyd Borrett of security software provider AVG noted that almost $1 billion is lost each year in scams and frauds which affect about six million Australians.

He therefore urged people to be alert both when disclosing details online and when handling them offline.

"Don’t throw away anything that contains personal information unless it has been shredded or ripped up to make the document illegible," said Mr Borrett.

"Today a smart burglar wouldn’t bother breaking into your home and taking household goods and personal items. Instead they’d just steal identity-related documents."

Elsewhere, he advised consumers to be aware of emails that ask for personal information like bank account numbers, usernames, passwords or credit card details, adding that a legitimate bank or financial institution will never send an email asking the recipient to follow a link or reply with such details.

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The comments may interest Aussies looking to compare credit cards in search of the best security features. Last week, it was revealed that shop workers are being offered huge bribes to help scammers steal the pin numbers and card details of shoppers.