Warning for consumers over cyber crime

Aussies have been warned details about their credit cards could be hacked into as cyber-crime continues to rise across the country.

The Norton Cybercrime report revealed Australians were the victims of online crimes worth $1.65 billion over the past year, with smartphones and social networking sites an increasing target.

Members of the public can also get caught out by viruses or malware appearing on sites where they might be least expected.

Adam Palmer, Norton's chief security advisor, said: "Going to church websites is more risky than going to pornography websites."

Once details have been obtained, criminals can then use the identity of consumers to spend using their accounts.

Last month, chief technology officer at security consultancy CQR Phil Kernick told the Herald Sun that savings accounts are often targeted by cyber criminals.

He said they typically withdraw and transfer just a few dollars from each hacked account at a time, which can mean their fraudulent activity is not spotted quickly.

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