ANZ iPhone app offers free fund transfers

ANZ Bank has launched a new iPhone app that allows customers to transfer funds to anyone with a mobile phone free of charge.

The free app, named goMoney, also offers quick access to account balances and a 30-day transaction history, the Australian reported.

According to the paper, users of the app will be able to send up to $1,000 per day to recipients without the need for their bank account details – they simply select an Australian phone number from their contacts list to make a mobile payment.

Recipients who are not goMoney users can retrieve their funds from a secure ANZ Bank website using a unique PIN sent via SMS.

The app could be a worthwhile option for Aussies looking to compare debit cards in search of the best spending tools. According to the Australian, ANZ has done away with traditional user names and passwords for the app, with goMoney users instead receiving a four-digit PIN to access their accounts.

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