ATMs in pubs 'capitalise on laziness'

Consumers across Australia who are looking to compare debit cards online could be among those encouraged to avoid ATMs in pubs following the publication of a new report.

A story recently published by the Daily Telegraph revealed that four machines located at the Coogee Bay Hotel in Sydney, New South Wales are capitalising on people's laziness.

According to the publication, the machines rake in $264,000 a year by charging consumers $2 per transaction.

After using one of the ATMs, one customer told the newspaper: "Pubs capitalise on people's laziness.

"I'd rather use a CBA ATM so I don't pay a fee. But you can't always find one."

The Reserve Bank of Australia has introduced a number of measures to improve ATM use including information on charges, prompting the Telegraph to question how such a situation can still arise.

According to the publication, Australians spend around $750 million on ATM fees every year.

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