Aussie consumers find plenty to moan about

Australian consumers are irritated by a long list of everyday issues, new research suggests.

A study by consumer group Choice found that personal finance matters are high on Australians' complaints agenda, with hidden fees and supermarket grocery prices among the full list of 32 cited irritations, the AAP reported.

The research saw Choice survey 1,000 of its members on both consumer topics and general issues that annoy them.

Other consumer-related annoyances to get a mention included problems returning faulty goods, robotic telephone voices used by customer service departments and telemarketing calls.

Consumers looking to secure better service and deals could opt to compare debit cards and switch provider. According to the AAP, tailgating was the most common complaint in terms of annoyances that were not consumer-related while noisy neighbours were regarded as more annoying than traffic jams and a lack of parking spaces.

Last week, the Herald Sun reported on predictions from the University of Queensland's Global Change Institute that suggested that food prices could soar by as much as 45 per cent over the next ten years.

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