Aussie travellers 'should keep debit card receipts'

Australians heading overseas or to other parts of the country for the winter have been advised to be particularly vigilant with their debit cards.

Credit union Community CPS Australia urged holidaymakers to inform their banks and other financial institutions when they plan to leave and to keep careful track of their spending while away.

It recommended retaining receipts for all payments because this will enable debit card users to quickly ascertain whether there have been any fraudulent payments.

The organisation said taking care of personal information, such as PIN numbers, is also crucial to avoiding becoming the victim of fraud.

"Make sure you memorise your PIN if you plan to withdraw money from local cash machines – never write the number down in any form," it stated.

Recent figures released to the Sydney Morning Herald by computer security firm RSA revealed the city's suburb of Fairfield had the largest number of online fraud victims in the region.

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