Cheaper groceries 'just as good as big brands'


Wednesday 08 September 2010

Many store-branded groceries are just as healthy and taste just as good as the more expensive labels, a new study has found.

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Consumer advocate group Choice reviewed almost 163 products by comparing the leading big brand with Woolworths' Home Brand and Select, Coles and Coles' Smart Buy, and Aldi, the Courier-Mail reported.

It found that almost half the products – which included chocolate biscuits, bread, butter, milk, frozen vegetables, pasta, ham, tinned tuna and margarines – were similar on nutritional grounds.

In addition, Choice found that only two premium names – Kellogg's cornflakes and John West tuna – rated best overall for taste in a smaller snapshot test.

The news may interest Aussies looking to compare debit cards in search of the best spending options. According to Choice, its research also served to highlight the huge savings that could be made from purchasing store-branded products, with a basket of 30 leading brand items costing $125.48 against $65.88 for the same Coles Smart Buy products, $65.30 for Aldi and $63.51 for Woolworths' Home Brand.

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