Commonwealth Bank could offer alternative to Opal

If the Commonwealth Bank has its way, you'll be using your “tap and go” cards or smartphone apps to pay for your work commute instead of the Opal card, as the big four bank is in talks with the NSW Government about giving customers the option, according to

CommBank group executive of banking Kelly Bayer Rosmarin told the website “our vision is that you can use your ordinary credit card including a PayTag to walk through the gate and there will be no need for additional infrastructure or for the Government to issue cards or tickets - you can use your everyday card and wallets."

The news comes as the Commonwealth Bank launched an Innovation Lab focused on developing “cutting-edge” products, services and solutions.

The Commonwealth Bank group executive David Whiteing said “the real value we expect from the Innovation Lab is twofold in being able to explore new ideas and make quicker decisions on which ones will work best for our customers."

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