Credit card machine 'to punish drunks'

Australians have been warned about a new ATM that is hitting pubs around the country which cranks up the withdrawal price late at night.

The Daily Telegraph reports that Aussies could be finding themselves waking up with a financial hangover after using the machines, as they look to take advantage of drunks in need of some cash whatever the cost.

Promoted by the New South Wales-based iCash, the new credit card machine targets publicans out to make a quick buck as their patrons get tanked.

"Most people don’t want to leave to go to their own bank’s ATM. They just want to buy more drinks. Most people will start not to care about the charge after that time," said CashPod sales consultant Peter Pigott, speaking to the Telegraph.

Those Aussies who are keen to keep hold of their spending on a big night out may be encouraged to go in search of a Citibank ATM, after the credit card provider announced it wouldn’t be charging for withdrawals.ADNFCR-1761-ID-19071640-ADNFCR