Debit card glitch sees diner pay $1,380 for Hard Rock Cafe meal

Aussies currently looking to compare debit cards online could be among those interested in news of a recent incident in Surfers Paradise.

A diner was charged almost $1,400 for a meal at the Hard Rock Cafe after a software glitch charged him 23 times for the $60 meal, reported.

The mistake has proved an issue for a number of customers at the restaurant and the business will be forced to pay back thousands of dollars to disgruntled customers.

Grant King was livid to learn of the expensive bill and told the news provider he felt sick when he saw his bank account balance.

"I thought 'what the hell', I'm going on a holiday to Canada in 12 days to see my three-year-old son who lives there," he said.

"That money was what I had planned to use so we could go and do things."

While Mr King was lucky to find the mistake early on, other consumers, especially those without internet banking could face charges if the glitch has caused them to go over their overdraft limits.

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