Debit card users 'spent $6.8bn on gadgets in 2010'

Aussies spent $6.8 billion using credit and debit cards and other forms of payment to purchase electrical gadgets last year, new figures have shown.

Canon's Digital Lifestyle Index showed that despite rising utility bills and interest rate hikes, people still opted to use their plastic to buy the latest technology on the market.

Jason McLean, consumer imaging director for Canon Australia, told the Herald Sun that more than one-quarter of Aussies are upgrading their digital cameras every two years, while 44 per cent of those with PCs purchase a new one in this timeframe.

"There's also the trend of multiple product ownership and how people are complementing their digital portfolio with more devices," he stated.

The most popular electrical items purchased were cameras, followed by digital media players and LCD televisions.

A survey conducted by AMP Capital published earlier this month indicated that shoppers are becoming increasingly used to sales and discounts and are reluctant to purchase full-price goods, the same publication reported.

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