Debit cards are a more sensible option for many Aussies

Credit cards can be very handy for emergency purposes, but far too many Aussies are finding themselves spiralling into debt because they use their plastic too frivolously.

A MasterCard spokesperson told the Herald Sun that more companies are now promoting debit cards as a safer alternative and it seems that many people are responding.

The number of people borrowing cash against a credit card fell below the two million mark in February 2012 – the first time this has happened since 1995.

This, the MasterCard analyst suggested, shows that Aussies are becoming more responsible with their finances.

"People understand that borrowing money from a credit card and paying 20 per cent interest is not necessarily the best thing to do," they were reported as saying.

The representative also noted that the amount of money borrowed through cash advances stood at $778 million in February and the number of withdrawals has gradually fallen over the past six years.

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