Don't be deterred by 'no refund signs', watchdog says

Leaders at consumer watchdog Choice have urged debit card holders not to be put off by retailers who display "no refund" signs.

Thousands of Aussies will be looking to exchange faulty gifts they received for Christmas and Choice spokesperson Ingrid Just has told people to know their rights, as some stores may play hardball over returned items.

She said that people who buy goods that are not functioning properly are entitled to a repair, refund or exchange, even if the item was snapped up in a sale.

Ms Just told Aussies not to let stores "brush you off" and tell you to deal directly with the manufacturer.

"These [no refund] signs are illegal and can't take away a customer's right to a refund if the item is defective or doesn't match the advertised description," she remarked.

The Herald Sun recently reported that department stores such as Myer attempted to encourage shoppers to use their debit and credit cards by staging big sales as early as Christmas Eve.

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