Frugal Aussies advised to avoid buying branded clothes on debit cards

Aussies who are trying to count the pennies and save money have been advised to think about using their debit cards to purchase clothing that is not branded.

Kmart managing director Guy Russo told the Daily Telegraph that brands are "dead" and that those who want to look stylish no longer have to buy expensive items.

"Our strategy is about lowest prices and fashionable products," he asserted.

The expert observed that while there are outfits available that cost as much as $1,000, but he noted that there are relatively few people who can afford this.

Stylist Shauna Miller told the publication: "The whole idea that you have to get a designer outfit is completely false."

She observed that many firms get their items from the same factories so the view that branded items are better may be mistaken.

This comes after figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed that in August there was a 0.6 per cent increase in turnover recorded by retailers.

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