Government-backed scheme helping NT people back into work

A new government-backed employment drive in the Northern Territory is proving to be a resounding success, statistics show.

With many Australians living in the north currently struggling to pay off their home loans or credit cards thanks to a relative lack of employment prospects, the government's families minister Jenny Macklin has revealed that some 1,700 individuals have been helped off income support and into the workplace over the past eight months alone.

Speaking to the Australian, she explained that, as well as full-time positions, people are also being given the chance to develop skills and earn an income through apprenticeship schemes, while the government is also stepping in to teach basic parenting and money management skills geared towards helping them get on top of their bills.

"To help people get their lives on track, the government is providing a range of services and support for income-managed welfare recipients, including an additional $53 million over four years for expanded money management and financial counselling services across the Northern Territory," she said.

At the start of the month, the Australian Bureau of Statistics reported that the country's unemployment rate was remaining steady at five per cent.

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