Huge savings to be made with air conditioners

Homeowners can make significant, long-term savings by choosing the right air conditioner for the summer months, it has been claimed.

Mark Bayly, marketing services manager with Seeley International – the company behind the Breezair, Braemar and Coolair brands – argued that a range of factors can affect the cost of air conditioning a home, particularly as electricity bills are set to rise across the country.

Speaking to the Advertiser, he said: "Consumers should research the various products available, visit sustainability websites and get opinions from a range of specialist air-conditioning dealers about their specific circumstances.

"Air-conditioning can be a lot more complicated than selecting a product off the shelf."

Consumers aiming to reduce their debts and better manage their finances may wish to compare debit cards and switch provider. According to Mr Bayly, energy-efficient evaporative coolers with inverter technology can cool a home for an entire summer in some capital cities for about $25.

The comments come after an investigation by the Herald Sun discovered that electricity and water bills in Victoria have risen by an average of 45 to 60 per cent over the last five years while gas bills have gone up by 20 per cent.

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