Lonely Planet: Use debit cards to avoid overseas interest

Australians have been advised to consider their debit and credit card options before venturing overseas.

Tom Hall and Shawn Low of the Lonely Planet travel guides noted that credit card acceptance can vary from country to country.

Writing for news.com.au, they said: "Places like China barely recognise those pieces of plastic. Not great if you need a place to sleep and have no cash."

The advisers therefore suggested taking plenty of cash and added that travellers should ensure they have a pin number for credit cards so that they can withdraw cash from a Cirrus-enabled ATM.

Elsewhere, they urged Aussies to compare debit cards in order to avoid "hefty interest charges" overseas. They observed that a Visa debit card that has been pre-charged with money will enable travellers to avoid paying interest on withdrawals.

Meanwhile, Christian Oey, chief executive officer of NoBankruptcy.com.au, recently said that Australia's banks are continuing to offer vulnerable customers credit card facilities that they cannot afford.

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