Men overestimate cost of dating

Men tend to overestimate how much they have to pay on a first date, a new study suggests.

A poll by ING Direct found that while on average, men believe $108 for a night out is an appropriate amount for a first date, most women think $85 is enough.

Commenting on the survey results, said that many of its readers believed that the conventional idea of having the man foot the bill is now dated, with many couples instead subscribing to the more fashionable practice of going halves on the cost of a first date.

"Though once one of the great unwritten rules of chivalry, women's greater earning capacity and a move away from conventional breadwinner roles have helped scupper this 'old-fashioned' tradition, readers say," added the news website.

Consumers aiming to better manage their finances and save money could opt to compare debit cards and other products in search of the best deals. According to the ING Direct poll, while women have a less inflated take on the cost of a first date than men, they also believe that spending less than $27 on the occasion is too cheap.

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