Opal card to replace Sydney train ticket sellers

As Sydney train commuters adopt the new Opal card - an electronic ticketing system which allows users to “tap on and tap off” - the NSW Government is preparing to get rid of ticket sellers at Sydney rail stations, according to smh.com.au.

The website reported that since the roll out of the Opal card there has been a 55% drop in ticket sales.

Rail, Tram & Bus Union NSW branch secretary Alex Claassens confirmed there is a long-term plan to remove all dedicated sales staff with Sydney Trains.

"Another 70 ticket sellers will be gone early next year and the remainder will be phased out some time after that depending on the roll-out of the Opal card." However Claassens said there isn’t an “exact timeline” on when the last jobs will go.

Transport Minister Gladys Berejiklian told smh.com.au that as has been the case all around the world where “the introduction of electronic ticketing means customers no longer need to queue up to buy a ticket ever again to use public transport.”

The news website also reported some of the train ticket jobs will become "customer service" positions. Berejiklian explained, "I've always said we will be guided by our customers when it comes to improvements on public transport, and I want staff out from behind the window on the platform."

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