Public sector pay increases slowing down, official figures show

A significant number of public sector workers could be forced to raid their current accounts for everyday expenses as their salaries lag behind their private sector counterparts.

According to the latest data from the Bureau of Statistics, public sector pay increased by an average of just 0.9 per cent in December.

Notably, this figures was as low as just 0.3 per cent in New South Wales, though Queenslanders were seen to fare better than average.

This compares to the one per cent increased enjoyed by the average private sector worker, reversing past discrepancies in public and private sector pay, and potentially spelling bad news for civil servants, teachers and other key workers already likely to be struggling with home loans, high electricity costs and low interest rates.

Commenting on the figures, Westpac was quoted by ABC as noting that private sector employees are starting to benefit as employers fight for a 'shrinking pool of talent', though their public sector peers are losing out.

Meanwhile, the Australian Tourism Industry Association has reported a rise in the number of overseas visitors, though tourists are currently spending less than in previous years.

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