Stay safe online to avoid credit card fraud misery

Dealing with credit card fraud can be a messy and drawn out process and recent figures have shown that Australians are more likely to fall victim to the crime than ever before.

As such, PC World has urged web users to make sure they are vigilant when using their credit cards online.

individuals are advised to pay particular attention to phishing scams, which are growing ever more popular and are becoming increasingly complex.

Phishing scams commonly arrive in your inbox, purporting to originate from a bank account provider or big online retailer.

In fact, the messages are specially crafted by cyber criminals to dupe you into entering your credit card details for them to steal.

And while customers are not usually liable for more than $50 of fraudulent spending, the website offers a disclaimer to taking a lax attitude to the problem.

“You may not pay for the fraud directly and immediately, but all credit card users bear the burden in the form of fees and <a href=”//“>interest rates that factor in the cost of fraud,” it warns.ADNFCR-1761-ID-18996966-ADNFCR