True cost of electricity rate rises highlighted by struggling schools

The extent to which households across Australia may be struggling to pay their utilities bills has been highlighted by the news that even the nation's schools are having a hard time paying for their power.

Coming as consumers in all of the states raid their current accounts or dig out their credit cards in order to deal with ongoing electricity and gas price hikes, the Herald Sun has reported that principals across the country are facing money worries as power costs bite.

Following on from the marked rises seen in 2010, many are having to cut back on vital school resources such as books and computing equipment so that they can pay their electricity bills.

Speaking to the newspaper, the head of one primary school said that, while gas and water rates have also risen over the past year," electricity has really stood out".

"It is having a detrimental effect. It has to come out of other areas, often the teaching and learning areas," he explained.

At the same time, the same newspaper has also revealed that plans to fit solar panels onto the roof of Parliament House would not be economically viable for several decades.

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