UBank scraps overseas ATM and transaction fees

Monika Gudova

Monday 27 August 2018

Just in time for your spring and summer travel plans, UBank has zapped overseas ATM and transaction fees on their USaver Ultra Transaction Account, joining the ranks of debit card providers out to offer something the big banks don’t.

UBank scraps overseas ATM and transaction fees

UBank will no longer be charging Aussies a $4 withdrawal fee at ATMs overseas, or the previous 2% foreign exchange fee for Ultra card withdrawals and purchases.

Mozo Data Manager Peter Marshall said that while fees being scrapped is always good to see, you need to keep in mind that it’s not just your bank that can sting you.

“Some overseas ATM merchants may charge you a withdrawal fee independent of your bank, so doing your research and finding those that won’t will save you money on your holiday,” he said.

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UBank is one of a series of banks that have removed their fees in the last two years, and Marshall suggests this is to distinguish its transaction account from those offered by the big banks.

“With the big banks still charging ATM and foreign transaction fees internationally, cutting these from their USaver Ultra Transaction Account has been a good way for UBank to distinguish itself from the crowd.”

Some other transaction accounts that are offering minimal overseas ATM fees and no overseas transaction fees are:

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