Young people lack 'street-smarts' when online shopping

Young people often lack the "street-smarts" required to avoid cyber crime when purchasing online, it has been claimed.

Teresa Corbin, deputy chief executive of the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network, argued that there is a particular risk of younger people being tricked into giving up money and confidential information online.

"Young people may be tech-savvy but they often don't have the street-smarts needed when it comes to making purchases," she told Smart Company.

"So they find a bargain that actually leads to them giving up their information."

Ms Corbin was speaking in support of an initiative by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) to target scam websites as part of this year's Internet Sweep Day.

She also noted that the ACCC is targeting anyone using misleading advertising that is not necessarily intended to scam.

The news may interest young Aussies looking to compare debit cards in search of the best spending tools. Bank of Queensland (BoQ) chief financial officer Ewan Cameron recently observed that the rise of online banking has made it easier for consumers to switch between institutions.

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