“It’s too hot to stay home this summer!” say Aussies

As predicted by the Bureau of Meteorology, large areas of Australia have seen severe spikes in temperatures and extreme heatwave conditions this week.

While the outdoors are expectedly warm, research shows that it’s actually the indoors where Australians are struggling to cope with the heat, with more than half of the people surveyed (52%) suggesting it’s too hot indoors.

According to a new survey conducted by Thinkinsulation, the biggest bugbear of summer for three quarters (72%) of Aussies is being left dripping with sweat even before they’ve left the house.

Other results from the research show that 56% of Aussies say it’s too hot to sleep at night during summer, even in the buff. For the ladies it gets worse, with two thirds (67%) of those surveyed complaining how makeup just slips and smudges off their face and 55% are left with an uncontrollable frizz when trying to style hair in the heat at home. Add to this, an increased numbers of bugs, flies and mosquitos, which annoyed 52% of those surveyed.

People are also feeling a pinch in their pockets with almost a third (30%) admitting that they are frustrated by the rise in electricity bills because of the aircon. For more than half the people surveyed (55%), the most important room to keep cool in a home is the bedroom, so they can get some precious sleep.

Claire Cunliffe, Marketing Manager at Knauf Insulation Australia, says: “For years, Australians have mastered the art of treating those small annoyances of being outdoors in the summer as part and parcel of enjoying living in a hot climate. However, when it comes to the home, not many have learned how to bring more ‘coolth’ into their lives; that is, to keep cool temperatures in and the heat out. Our research revealed a staggering 1 in 5 even believe it can be hotter inside their homes, than outside in the sun!”

“What many people don’t realise is that insulating your home can improve the comfort of living in the hottest months by keeping the warm air out, whilst saving on average $450 per year on energy bills,” adds Cunliffe.

Mozo’s top tips on staying cool, without hiking up your electricity bill

1. Use a fan. Fans are much cheaper to run than air-conditioners. Instead of trying to cool a whole room with a fan in this weather, it would be more effective to buy a pedestal fan and plonk yourself in front of it to cool down. But don’t forget to turn it off when you leave the room to save on electricity.

2. Set the temperatures. If you do use the aircon, set temperatures between 24 and 25 degrees. According to EnergyAustralia, setting an air conditioner just one degree warmer than you normally would can cut cooling costs by 10%.

3. Keep it shady. Check the weather forecast on your phone in the morning and if the temperatures are expected to soar, close windows, draw the curtains or shut blinds. A dark room stays cooler for longer.

4. Go for a cold shower. As compared to hot showers, cold showers will not only be better for your household bills but are also proven to have a great effect on your health ranging from strengthening your willpower to stimulating weight loss. Win-win.

5. Switch to a cheaper power plan. One of the simplest ways to slash your energy bill is by making sure you are on the cheapest plan. Energy retailers alter their offers and discounts regularly and you could save as much as $615 annually by switching plans. Compare the latest energy deals in your area using Mozo’s free energy comparison tool.


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