7 energy retailers join the Queensland Premier’s Affordable Energy Pledge

Following a meeting with The Palaszczuk Government, 7 energy retailers have now agreed to sign up to the Premier’s Affordable Energy Pledge in an effort to save Queenslanders money on their blazing energy bills. 

The 7 energy retailers include: Alinta, Origin, QEnergy, Energy Queensland (on behalf of Ergon Retail), Energy Locals as well as AGL and Powershop more recently.  

The pledge itself has 4 obligations that must be met by providers. Participating retailers agree to:

1. From January 2018, fully display on energy bills the savings in the Affordable Energy Plan, which includes the $50 rebate a year for every household bill over the next 2 years
2. Pass on savings from government interventions that have been modelled by ACIL Allen
3. Co-operate with a new Queensland Competition Authority investigation, under the Electricity Act 1994, into energy bills paid by residential Queenslanders in deregulated south-east areas and comparisons with regulated regional and rural areas
4. Provide assistance by informing Aussies of electricity concessions available for pensioners and senior or health care card holders 

“I am asking the Queensland Competition Authority to monitor retailers' pricing on a quarterly basis to ensure these savings continue to be passed on,” Queensland Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk. 

Mozo recently reported on another drastic plan to save Queenslanders from potential summer blackouts by asking that they keep their air conditioners at 26 degrees during peak hours in order to reduce power grid demand.

And if they didn’t have the willpower, Aussies would be able to receive $400 cashback if they purchased a PeakSmart air conditioner as apart of the Power Summer Preparedness Plan. 

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Want to know more about the energy retailers involved in the pledge? To keep it simple, we’ve created a quick snapshot of the 7 providers and what they’re all about. 

Alinta Energy

Beginning in Western Australia in 1995 as a gas retailer, Alinta Energy now provides energy products and plans to over 800,000 homes and businesses. Known for its great value plans, Alinta Energy was even awarded a 2017 Experts Choice Award for best value electricity in NSW. 

Origin Energy

Servicing over 4.3 million residential, industrial as well as commercial customers with natural gas and electricity in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific are Origin Energy. It’s so popular, it even scored a number of Experts Choice Awards in 2017, including for Best Solar-Friendly Electricity in three states. 


Launched in 2007, QEnergy is 100% Aussie-owned and provides energy to over 17,500 customers. The company initially serviced electricity to small businesses in QLD and NSW, but has now expanded to VIC and SA, where it also assists residential customers with their energy needs. 

Energy Locals

Energy Locals is an online social enterprise that allow communities to set up their own local energy plan, before using the profits from electricity bills to donate to community groups and charities. 


With more than 175 years of experience under its belt, AGL is one of the oldest energy companies in Australia. Dedicated to achieving a sustainable future, AGL currently services 3.8 million residents as well as businesses. 


An entirely online company, Powershop was launched in 2009 and is also working towards a sustainable future. Powershop currently supplies energy to residents and businesses in south-east QLD, NSW and VIC. 

Energy Queensland 

Energy Queensland was born after government-owned electricity companies, Ergon Energy and Energex merged. With the power of two electricity distributors behind it, its aim is to create an electricity sector for future generations. 

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